Thursday, January 21, 2010

Graduation Day -gfh

Today is graduation day! Or our last day of training in the MTC. We will fly out Saturday at 11:00AM. A layover in Atlanta Georgia and then arrive in Johannesburg at 5:00PM Sunday.
There is such a mix of emotions going through me. Several times so far today I've suddenly gotten butterflies and I realize how close we are to arriving in South Africa.
Every day at the MTC has been filled with spiritual experiences. We have met so many amazing people who are here as instructors or trainers and others who are venturing out to places all over the world to invite others to come unto Christ! Rusty mentioned how the MTC reminds him of a temple. I've thought of that and I know that the MTC has been dedicated to the preparing of God's missionaries to go ..go unto all the world to bear testimony of the restored gospel. The MTC is a very happy place. It seems everyone is trying to be their very best, to be kind, polite, patient,loving. It isn't difficult to do because the Spirit is so strong and it is wonderful! The young missionaries have been told to let the senior couples in front of them in the long meal lines...and the lines are really long sometimes. It's a sweet privilege I've taken advantage on occasion.
We have been here long enough to see two groups of young missionaries arrive on Wednesdays and a new group of senior couples on Monday. Imagine the diversity. Coming from all over the world, literally, and from all circumstances of life to serve the Lord. Some very excited and others very apprehensive. Some ready to "hit the ground running" and others who are still stumbling. But I know the Lord magnifies whom he calls. I have felt it in my own life!
We've been staying at the Super 8 motel about a mile away because the senior couples housing is being remodeled. There is shuttle service literally at our beck and call. We can call for a ride any time we need it. No schedule to wait on and it doesn't matter if there is only one couple and ten minutes later another couple calls to be picked up. We really have been spoiled and pampered. One of the elders in our group just said "where else could one go on vacation and be treated like we've been treated, experience what we've experienced and for so little money."

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  1. I am so pleased to have your blog address. I think that one of the most fortifying things on a mission is to have other couples to talk to and be with. Since we don't have anybody here with us, we rely on emails from our MTC group, visitors, and folks in Africa, like you're going to be, to provide inspirations. I got a lot this time. The Japanese elder's story and Elder Eyrings word were so uplifting to me. Thanks.
    Welcome to Africa.