Friday, October 1, 2010

A Tender Mercy -gfh

This afternoon I had a visit with the South Africa MTC President's wife. She said "Have I ever told you about our mission secretary when we were mission president before?" She said that the job was too difficult for the secretary but she didn't tell anyone. The secretary just didn't do the work. No one knew how difficult it was for her. She was just shuffling papers until about six months later. She said "It was a disaster!" Then she said "President and I know what your job involves and it's BIG". I guess The Lord knew that I needed that extra reassurance today. It was a "tender mercy". I'm overwhelmed most of the time but there is no backlog! I don't think....but I'm always discovering something else I should be doing. And my job is nothing compared to the other couple who deal with medical and cars and Elder H who handles all the mission $$$$! There always seems to be a 'crisis' that has to be dealt with. We take turns holding each other up.

Later today one of the elders who is one of the Assistants to the President was searching for some papers. I asked him if he had given them to me because I have a file called "publish" where I put papers they want to distribute to the missionaries. He said "No, but I should have. You have all the answers". Then he said "WOW Sister Henrichsen, you're THE secretary of THE WHOLE mission. That will look really good on your resume." I laughed and said "As if I'd ever want to go looking for another job like this one." The pay wouldn't be as good!

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