Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Day -gfh


The mission office closed at noon on Thanksgiving Day and 20 of us had Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home. Elder H baked his famous pumpkin chiffon pies which turned out delicious in spite of having to adapt his recipe using butternut squash and "baking margarine".(he swears by lard for his pie crust). The dinner consisted of all the favorites and of course there was plenty and to spare.

When it came time to start cleaning up I found Sister Poulsen in the back kitchen rinsing dishes and starting the clean up process. I mentioned to her that we had a tradtion in our family that the women baked and prepared and served the meal and the men took over the kitchen for the clean up. She said "I wish you could get my husband to start that tradition." I whispered in Elder H's ear and it didn't take much before the brethren were on their feet and almost stumbling in to each other to do their part. Even President Poulsen put on an apron.

While the brethren cleaned up the sisters enjoyed the chatting time and were very thankful for their helpful husbands.

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  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had. I loved seeing you with all the senior couples. I also love your tradition. I think it should be passed on all over the world.