Thursday, November 12, 2009

Butterflies, Again! -rh

Well, we were just sitting around today and about 12:30, the phone rings. I answer and the voice on the other end says, "This is President Poulsen of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission." WOW!! I was floored. I expected maybe we would hear from the mission office but since we don't have visas yet (see previous post - still waiting), I didn't really think we would get such a phone call this soon.

We both got on the phone, Sister Poulsen was also on the other end so we had a 4-way conversation for about 25 minutes. Pres. Poulsen said they were calling on Vonage through the internet on a Salt Lake phone number. High tech stuff. We talked a lot about the various things that couples are assigned to do in the mission. He finally asked us if we would be willing to work in the office to begin with. We of course replied that we would do whatever he asked us. He went so far as to say that we are an answer to prayer - a couple serving in the office will be leaving about the time we are to arrive. He was reading from our mission application and said, "You have all the experience that we need for this position." While working in the office we will also be assigned to a ward or branch where we will work with reactivation, leadership training and teaching missionary lessons. He also said that about halfway through the mission, he gives couples an opportunity to then move into a proselyting situation. The best of both worlds.

Well, I was already on a high, but when he said that, the butterflies started up their aerobatics again. This all feels so good and right! Life is good! We can't wait to get on the way. We mentioned to Pres. Poulsen that we hadn't yet heard back from the FBI. He sounded a bit surprised but then said "It will happen."


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