Sunday, November 15, 2009

High Adventure People -gfh

Well the goodbyes have started. We worked in the temple last Friday and many people thought it was our last day to be there. Rusty and I both had several people come up to us to tell us goodbye and wish us well. One sister said that if we presented ourselves in South Africa the way we did in the temple we will do well. That is something to think one area of our life overlaps into the other. It has been said that senior missionaries go into the mission ready to get to work because they have been preparing for their mission all their lives. Every act of service, every growth experience, every calling contributes to our preparation and that's not to mention the wrinkles and gray hair. That's true for all of us but the senior missionaries have had more years to prepare. One of the brothers who bid us goodby said that he and his wife were thinking about a mission but were concerned about all the preparation to leave i.e. house and rental properties etc. I told him if he were "poh folk" like us he could just leave town. Well, he said that when they go he wants to go someplace less exciting than South Africa. He said "we're not high adventure people like you two."

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  1. I would also describe you as "high adventure" people! We are so grateful that you are going to serve a mission, and pray for you every day!