Sunday, February 21, 2010

Delightful Weather,,,rh

The weather here has been delightful. This boy is used to hot, sometimes humid summers in Arizona. The summers in Washington, DC were not as hot, but much more humid. Of course, in Oregon, they were neither hot, nor humid. I had been expecting more warm, muggy days here in Johannesburg, but such has not been the case. We have had warm days and cool nights for the most part. On only two nights when the weather dried out was it uncomfortable for sleeping. This past week, even though the rains were generally gone, the nights have been quite cool.

All in all, it has been great summer weather. If it were like this every summer, it would be a great place for snowbirds. We’ll see what lies ahead, weather-wise.

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  1. I'm assuming your mission is on opposite weather like my mission was. If that's the case you're heading out of the hottest time of summer and it should start to cool off soon. It'll be fun to hear what the different seasons bring you. Good thing you've experienced all sorts of weather, you'll adjust just fine!!!