Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Our Own -gfh

The office couple we are replacing, Elder and Sister Gunther, went home on Wednesday. We are on our own. I was scared to death, certain that I would forget to do some vital item like getting a visa renewed and the missionary would be hauled off to jail or deported. I was very nervous about Thursday morning.
Surprisingly Thursday morning came and the day went smoothly. In fact, it seems to be easier without my “trainer” nearby to notice what I do wrong or forget to do. Sister Gunther has been a very sweet and patient woman. She is a computer whiz and a fantastic organizer. I know I have caused the work to slow down while she has been training me and I know I have added stress to her life. I’m thinking she was more than ready to go home. She probably needs to go on a cruise to de-stress from the last three weeks. She certainly deserves it.
So now we are trying to remember all we have learned and sort through the things we need to do that we’ve forgotten how to. We’ve made it through the week with no major goof ups, at least that we know about so far. I remind myself that there are office couples out there serving who have had no training and the work goes forth. Thank goodness. I also remind myself that we are not alone. This is the Lord’s work. He is mindful of our desire to serve and of our inadequacies. He will magnify us. “No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing."


  1. One of the growths that comes from a mission is training a greenie companion. As couple missionaries the only way to do that is by training a new couple like your trainers did. Don't think of it as her being stressed by your inexperience but think of it as you allowing her to experience a riteful passage of all missionaries. Besides you're pretty "withit" yourself.

  2. As one of those people who's doing office work with NO training, I'm here to promise that the Lord's work will not stop when you do some pathetic thing. But I have seen too that the work of the mission goes on the backs of the senior office couples. Our couple in Kinshasa are the backbone of the mission. I'm sure that your mission will be the same way. Glad to share it with you.