Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Special Conference Feast! -gfh

General Conference was last weekend and broadcast world wide! It is a weekend that I love! I can feel a special spirit of anticipation in the air no matter where I am and it was no different here in South Africa. However this Area of the church, I believe because of the inconvenient times of the broadcasts i.e. morning sessions are at 6:00pm and the afternoon sessions go from at 10:00pm to midnight South Africa time, a decision was made to show conference three weeks later when the churches here receive it on DVD. So, General Conference was marked on my calendar for the first weekend in April and also on my calendar for three weeks later.
Sister Paulsen invited all of the senior couples in the area over to the mission home for a preconference dinner and then to watch conference broadcast on BYU-TV, which they have. Each couple contributed a dish to add to the delicious repast. ( Sister Paulsen says that she didn’t cook much back in the states but she is making up for it here as Mission President’s wife. She is always feeding missionaries, visitors and planning special fun meals like this conference dinner. I heard that an elder once said “What does Sister Paulsen do all day?” If he only knew what a big job she has! She is not only being supportive of her husband but seeing to special assignments and responsibilities that are hers alone. I’m sure it is exhausting!)
So we had a wonderful meal and then gathered around the TV in the living room to watch conference! It is always such a thrill to hear the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing the songs of the restoration and hymns of praise! And this time especially when I realize the miracle that brought it to us thousands of miles away half way around the world! The fourteen of us soaked up every word while we munched on carmel corn homemade by one of the senior elders. I felt like we were having our own special conference session knowing that others in our area would not be hearing the words of the prophets for another three weeks. Kind of like a special sneak preview!
It was indeed an evening of feasting!!


  1. Cool!! We were wondering what the Conference schedule would be like for you guys. It was a good weekend of instruction.

    The Elders came over for lunch on Saturday and brought an investigator to watch the afternoon session with us. She felt the spirit and enjoyed being in our home. I hope that she will be back soon!

  2. Wow, Susie, I'm impressed that your home was quiet enough to watch conference with an investigator! You're my hero!!!