Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Taste of Home??? -gfh

You won't believe this but because I am from the United States they think I should know how to make corn dogs! This is a picture of our attempt. Notice the messy fingers!. It got worse! We are definitely in the test kitchen phase. This is Sister Pauline and me "in charge" of the project. When Rusty and I arrived at the branch "Super Saturday" we had been given no idea that this was the planned project and it was announced that Sister Henrichsen would show every one how to make corn dogs. First of all, no one has ever heard of them except the Branch President, I think. There are no hot dogs here. They are call viennas first of all and the corn is called milly(prounced mee ly) I told the president that I had never made them before and besides that they are quite unhealthy. He replied "no one heard you say that." :-)

Our Branch President is trying to come up with ways for members of the branch to start little businesses to earn income. There are so many people who have no way to provide for their families. He is thinking that they could make corn dogs and sell them at the taxi stations morning and evening. I'm thinking it's not going to work but maybe I'm just not catching the vision.

We had great fun making a mess experimenting and testing out the idea. Everyone at the Super Saturday activity got a Milly Vienna or Corn Dog to taste and test. It was a unanimous two thumbs up!

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  1. What a great idea! Good luck on improving your Milly Vienna! Looks like the way you say mee ly is the same way we say Camille's nickname, Meelee. Or is the ly pronounced lie? Love you!!