Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baptism in South Africa -gfh

The Church is growing rapidly here in South Africa! Our Area is the highest baptizing Area in the church. An interesting statistic is that 42% of the new members are in the Young Single Adult age group of 18-30 years. This is a dynamic group of young people who are the future of the church!
In our Ennerdale Branch during the last two months we have had (and will have next week) eight baptisms four of which are YSA. It is a delight to attend the baptisms! There is a feeling of excitement and energy that is softened by The Spirit. The African people show great enthusiasm and "get involved" in what is taking place. So as this tendency is softened a little there is still expressions of excitement that we normally don't see in The Church in the states i.e. some cheers as the baptism is completed sucessfully after the second try.
The Ennerdale Branch has a baptismal font outside. It does have a heater however which makes things more comfortable. I'm including some pictures to help you "get the picture".


  1. AWESOME!!!!

    I love the picture of you and Dad with another sister. You both look very happy.

  2. Very interesting font. Are there stairs on one side to climb into it? I see the flip flops on the side of the font. Is that the most commonly worn foot attire? That's how it was in Paraguay. I didn't realize the work was progressing so much there, very exciting for you to be a part of it!

  3. Yes, we are especially happy when we can work with the wonderful Saints in Ennerdale. THe flipflops you see are worn maybe 25% to church, but worn alot by the local black Africans everyday. I don't know how they walk miles and miles like they do in flip flops or other flimsy shoes.