Friday, May 28, 2010

No Danger Music! -gfh

We travel to the temple or Area Office at least once a week. Along the route we travel through heavy construction with barriers and dodge large construction equipment. The foot traffic can be just as dangerous as the road takes us through the middle of Johannesburg University Campus. There is a billboard along the way that has a very timely message. It reads in very large letters filling up the enitre billboard "The Problem With Life is there is no Danger Music". It makes me think of the movies like "Jaws" or "Indiana Jones" or any suspenseful movie and how the audience knows there's danger coming by the music. This message seems very appropriate for Jahannesburg,South Africa, which I have mentioned before, is not for sissies! But how grateful I am that we don't have to go through life with no danger music to warn us. The Holy Ghost actually sends us the sweetest music to give us warning and peace if we follow his promptings. That is part of the message that we are here to share. (and I didn't notice what that billboard was actually selling!)


  1. I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing and hearing your experiences.

  2. We've missed a lot of blogs. Nice to catch up. So many things are the same in all of Africa. It is certainly the time for this lad to be gathered. We average about 75-100 baptisms a month in our three cities. Isn't it exciting.