Monday, July 12, 2010

Just let go - and GO! - -rh

The other day we were communicating with someone from the USA and they were marveling that we are on a second mission while they are still trying how to figure out how to get on the first one. Georgia said, “Just let go, and GO!”

This is not to say to ignore the parable the Savior gave us in Luke 14:28-30. Here he speaks about one who set out to build a tower and did not figure how much it would cost and was unable to finish the job. We should not push blindly forward without some planning and figuring, but over-planning and wringing our hands about the cost is not productive.

Perhaps we should be like Nephi in 1 Ne 4:6 – “And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.” In other words, we should be trusting in God to help us find the way to serve. Many of us observe our children and/or grandchildren tentatively putting their toes into the lake of life and deciding that they need to wait until they have finished school and have a “good” job before considering marriage. Or they may be waiting until their lives are stable and they have a home before having children. Most of us know that if we wait until we “can afford” marriage or a family, we may never marry or have children.

One does not need to be wealthy to serve a mission. One only needs to have some moderate amount of resources to take that plunge. Our stake president told us before we left that there are 1000 fewer senior couples serving presently than there has been in the recent past. The need is there, so don’t over-plan or put off until there is “enough” money to find a way to serve the Lord full time – JUST LET GO AND GO.

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