Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Cinnamon Lane Experience -gfh

Every morning on the way to the office we drive past a charming little corner bakery called Cinnamon Lane. Outside it has old rusty bikes with no tires or seats but great little funky items in the baskets, etc. After several months Cinnamon Lane really called to me and I had to go inside. It is an amazing place! Homemade South African "Sweets" galore! The first time we arrived just in time for warm cinnamon pancakes (crepes) and since then I've found other tasty treasures.
Yesterday I stopped in to buy a celebration cake for our service sister missionary who had returned to help in the office. While at the bakery I got into a very nice conversation with the woman working there. She was warm and friendly and talkative. As I was leaving she asked me about my name tag and what I do at the office. The conversation developed from there as I offered her a pass along card to receive a free dvd of Christ. She then asked me if this was "The Mormons"? When I explained to her that we were, the atmosphere changed. She remained border-line civil but assured me that she was "born again" and she thanks God that she had been saved from cults like the mormons! I listened calmly and when it was appropriate I asked her if she thought the Mormons did not accept Jesus Christ as our savior. She said they "absolutely do not". I listened to The Spirit and briefly shared a simple testimony of Jesus Christ. She gave me back my pass-along card and said she didn't agree. It was a good experience. In Preach My Gospel it tells us to be bold but loving in sharing our testimony. I have to admire this woman's personal conviction but only wish her information was more accurate and that she had listened to my message.
Cinnamon Lane may offer "sweeter experiences" in the future.

(.....who's "the lady in red" in the window relfection?)


  1. Great missionary experience. Who knows what seed you've planted there? Especially if you go back to the bakery for the yummy treats and continue to be nice and pleasant. She probably won't change her opinions while you are there (although one can always hope), but if the seed is planted it can grow in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're an amazing woman with a very strong testimony! You're serving the Lord and aren't afraid to open your mouth and share your most beloved treasure. The seed has been planted. Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience!

  3. Love reading about your experiences. I know you're a great asset to the mission. I think our new mission president knows someone who is the office couple in the satellite office of Botswana, but I don't remember their name...old age, I guess.