Friday, August 27, 2010

More Lessons Learned -gfh

Okay, I just have to write this post! It's actually a form of confession or at least letting everyone know that we aren't the PROs here in the office!
Last week Elder Henrichsen was having trouble with his computer keyboard. When he hit the shift key the z would be typed. Started off first just once in a while. Soon on a regular basis I could hear Elder H's expletives of "rats!" or "don't do that!" or his usual "you dumb machine!". Dudley the computer dude was called in. He sat down at the key board and said. "Oh, there is jam between the keys causing them to stick." (you see, Elder H and I eat lunch in his office and the regular fare is PB & J.)
Now that was one on him and here's one on me......
Yesterday was a long day. It was a Thursday and I was tired from the week and as the day went on I was wilting. Well, the last straw was when I was trying to do some "tidying up" of some jobs hanging over my head and the program wouldn't accept it! I may even have said "dumb machine"...I'm not sure. Took a couple of deep breaths and decided that I would call Dudley in the morning.
This morning I started back in to the project actually forgetting about the frustration of yesterday and I noticed my number keypad was locked. Oh well, just turn it on. And then I realised that my frustration yesterday had been caused by me inadvertently locking the keyboard and as a result the program wouldn't accept my numbers.
Ahhhhhh, the things Elder H and I are learning: 1. Don't eat around the computer (that's an old one) and 2. If the computer isn't working it's probably my fault. I understand they only do what they are told.

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  1. You're right than "dumb computer" is usually really "dumb me." But aren't we learning a lot. I'm going to have a sit down with Phillip when we get to JoBurg. Not one single baptism (over 100) since the mission opened has actually gone on the church membership records. Yikes! Isn't it nice to have computer geeks around! Bless them. See you soon.