Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YSA Adventure Challenge -gfh

I'm late posting this. The activity took place 24 July. It was a multi-stake YSA activity held on Hartebeespoorte Dam property that The Church owns out about 2 hours from Johannesburg in the hills. Very similar to other Church camp sites.
The activity was kind of a combination between The Great Race and Survivor. Elder Henrichsen and I were at one of the stations. It was called "Splat Rock". There was a huge monument of a rock at our site but the "splat" comes from the water balloons tossed and missed with towels. You'd think that would be easy and the scores would be high but not so. They had ten minutes to score a maximum of ten points but with only two balloons. The most points scored were 4 and that was far and away the most!
They'd come running hot and sweaty to our station trying to get their points and move on. We enjoyed watching the strategy of the teams as they would analyse and some practiced with rocks first. For some there was a special technique for holding the towels. However the team that did no planning, no practicing and no couching scored the 4 points!Oops! so much for planning and practicing!

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  1. Haven't looked at your blog for awhile. Sure looks like you're have a lot of fun. We got our list for our first transfer in the new mission and it was 48 missionaries. After much crying and pleading with SLC, we got them to split it into three groups in Sept, Oct and Nov. but we will still have 14-18 per transfer. That will still be a challenge, but we will be sane when it's over. We transfer this time-to Burundi.