Monday, November 15, 2010

Kiss Your Church Librarian

The next time you waltz up to your church building library to pick up pencils, paper, white board markers,chalk, pictures or even sign out the TV/DVD player give you librarian a big kiss! Our Ennerdale Branch has no such thing. No colored paper!no paper! no chalk! no pictures! no DVDs! and certainly no TV/DVD players! There is too great a risk of things being stolen. Our branch does have a TV/DVD player BUT it is not kept on the premises and it is used only for showing the Conference DVDs. The young missionaries assigned to the branch keep it in their flat so it certainly is not available for use in classes. Just think of the wonderful resources you have available just by "signing up" for them and then try to understand what is not available to a good deal of the church in South Africa and in other parts of the world.
Sunday night we were at a "REAL" church building for the rebroadcast of Elder Ballard's CES talk and the young man in charge went to what looked like a huge vault, put in the key and turned the lever to reveal the building library. It was seriously fortified! Elder H and I went over to check out the library at the stake building next door to the mission office and found the same thing. The picture above might not give you a true picture of how extraordinary that library door is. Probably designed to withstand a blast of dynamite. Well, there certainly are treasures inside!!

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  1. I truly appreciate my church library, after not having on for 4 years. It is a blessing that I hope to never take for granted!!!