Monday, November 15, 2010

Primary Program -gfh

Two Sundays ago was the Primary Sacrament meeting program in Ennerdale. Susan is the Primary President and she has been very stressed about it. She went to the temple on Saturday to find some peace and reassurance. Susan also plays the keyboard for our sacrament meetings. She has been taught by two or three previous senior couple sisters and is now on her own as she can play better than I can.
The program was beautiful! Whenever children sing the hymns and primary songs The Spirit is so sweet. About ten minutes into the program Sister Norma's boy, Gift, started throwing up right there on the stand. Very smoothly and discreetly his mother went up and got him, then Sister Grace went up and removed the chair that had vomit all over it and soon returned with a bucket of water and a towel and started scrubbing the floor. Alicia, Sister Nomvula's little girl, was sitting right next to Gift and was scooting over as far as she could to the child next to her and glancing cautiously at the mess on the floor. NOW the AMAZING part was that the program continued on without a hiccup! Every child knew his/her lines and most of them had several parts. The children knew the hymns and sang so beautifully! One would never have known that there had been a "distraction". I have heard the primary songs sung for years BUT NEVER have I been so impressed with the sweet messages for ALL of our Heavenly Father's children as I listened to these beautiful black African children singing with their enchanting accents.
Sister Norma took her little family home and since she is the Gospel Doctrine teacher someone had to teach her lesson. The manual was passed back to Elder Henrichsen and he took it with a smile.
So, that's the latest exciting news about our branch in Ennerdale.

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  1. Love this story! I too, feel the Spirit when the primary children sing the hymns and primary songs. It's the best sacrament meeting of the year!