Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blessings of our Posterity #45, #46, #47 -gfh

Introducing #45: Alexander Layne Henrichsen, born 22 December 2010. Weighing 7# 7 oz 20 inches. Daddy and Mommy are Chris and Jill Henrichsen and big sister Mikelle 10 and big brother Christian 6.

Introducing #46: Makenzie RayAnn Fish born 26 January 2011 weighing 8# 12 oz and 20 inches long. (And YES, she was born with a pink bow in her hair) Daddy and Mommy are David and Angela Fish and big brothers Hunter 4 and Shepard 3.

and Introducing #47: Beckett Scott Fish born 27 January 2011, weighing 8# 5oz and 21 inches long. Mommy and Daddy are Scott and Kirby Fish. Beckett has the privlege of being the first in their family and being the one his parents get to practice on.

Wow! That was a fantastic 35 days of anticipation excitement prayers and tears of joy and tears of wishing we could be there closer to cuddle and love and help! David, whose little girl was born the day before Scott's little boy, call Scott and said "Has mom called you yet? She's a mess" Yes,I was, a mess of emotion!
We've put pictures up in the mission office announcing the three new arrivals and their "ranking in the grandchildren line up"! I quickly explain that this is posterity of two families combined but the numbers still create ooooohs!! and ahhhhhhhs!
Being in South Africa during this special time may be considered a sacrifice but we know we are where we should be right now for at least five more months anyway. I believe the technology of cell phones, FB, SKYPE and videos was invented so grandparents could go on missions and still share in these wonderful moments. I heard of a returned missionary grandfather who said that his grandchildren thought grandpa lived in the computer. We've had some cute experiences when SKYPE-ing where one of the little kids will get really close with their face next to the computer screen and loooooook inside. I think they're looking for grandpa and grandma. We've even gotten kisses that way!
So, we are being very blessed while serving here in South Africa! #'s 45,46,and 47 are three blessings we count as the very best! And we certainly have a lot to come home to!!
President Monson asked senior couples to arrange their lives so they could LEAVE HOME and GO on a mission. Our mission is in desperate need of senior couples!! Our mission president is very concerned. So, if you're grandparents, pray about it! Get yourselves set up on SKYPE, buy yourselves a laptop and "Let Go and GO!"
You will be blessed, as well!


  1. Congratulations many times over. We arrived home seven days before Scott and Jenna's baby boy was born. We didn't miss a single birth this time. I don't think that our luck will hold out another two years. There are things we miss, but the blessing keep coming anyway, don't they! Wish all those folks at home would see that and join the Lord's grey haired army. We're so needed no matter what our skills. All it takes is a willing heart and the Lord does the rest.

  2. We also received three new additions to our family in the last few months of 2010/ Ours came up to #8, #9, and #10. Two girls and a boy. When I visited Arizona, they were all there - three babies - no waiting!! Loved it!

    Miss you two as always.