Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturday In Ennerdale -gfh

Last Saturday took a drive out to Ennerdale about 4o miles from home to visit a couple of YSAs(YSAs are 18-30yr old unmarrieds) who needed some TLC and do our hometeaching. It started out with an adventure!
First let me tell you about the "pt'oles" here in South Africa. Actually you know them as potholes. They are so prevalent that there is a pt'ole brigade formed to do the repairs and you can report your ptholes in an email. We were traveling along a two lane highway on the inside lane going about 80Km (55mph) and Elder H saw this huge pt'ole that had been prepared to be patched. He tried to avoid it but BAM! CRASH!ZOWIE! One side of the car hit hard and drove thru it leaving us with hub caps flying down the road, and two bent rims! Elder H pulled over to assess the damage and found that he needed to change one of the tires because it was leaking.

Elder H did a "pit stop" repair worthy of bragging rights! I was so grateful that he knew what he was doing. He told me to watch closely so I could do it someday if I had to and I told him I was sticking close to him for all future flat tires.
On to Ennerdale to first visit some YSA's. This time of year there are lots of little road side stands selling mangoes, and other fruits and vegetables and metal barrels turned in to "roasters" for ears of corn. We stopped at a couple of stands for corn(I needed an ear of corn for a object lesson for one of the lessons I was teaching Sunday) but had to keep looking.

This lady was working and when she saw my camera she posed for me. The people here love to have their picture taken.

On down the road we found a roaster. I'd been wanting to try some and it would also work for my OL.

We visited the home of one of our YSAs but he was at school (on a Saturday). We enjoyed visiting with his mom, enjoying her garden and beautiful roses.

This is Sister Suzen. She plays the keyboard for sacrament meeting having been taught by three former senior sister missionaries and she is also the Primary President.

Do you recognize this little guy, his name is Gift. The first Sunday of our mission a year ago I took his picture wearing my sunglasses!

This is a little side building that Suzen's oldest son Nthandini, our YSA, stays in. The family house is very very small and with three boys they need a little"breathing room". I think probably any young adult would like to have a place of their own and would love to call this "Home Sweet Home".


  1. Good job on the tire Dad! But when did your hair get so gray?

    On another note, the corn looks pretty good--summer can't come soon enough here. I'm done with winter, sigh, too bad it's not actually over yet.

  2. Grey, that's not grey, it's sunbleached from laying by the pool every day.

    Georgia enjoyed the corn. My opinion was that it was overripe and tough. Good thing there is room for all opinions.