Thursday, April 21, 2011

Munsiville U-Nite -gfh

We love doing U-Nites! This is our fourth one.We were asked by Elder Samoela from Madagascar and Elder Ngcobo(that is pronounced with a click in it. Tricky to do) from Durban. We are pictured above during refreshments at the end of the evening. The cups of tea are Rooibos tea. Very popular here in ZA. It is the bush tea that Mma Ramotswe loves in the books "#1 Ladies Detective Agency". Elder Samoela from Madagascar made chocolate crepes that his mother used to make. Simple but delicious! He made the crepes and while hot he put on Cadbury chocolate bar pieces and rolled them up. The chocolate melted and the result was fantastic! A little bit about Elder Samoela. He knew almost no English when he arrived in ZA. Not too long ago there was a family that needed to be taught in French and he realized he couldn't do it!

After Elder H did his presentation on budgeting and home finance, we had them divide in to teams and do a financial word search I had put together.The picture below shows Elder Samoela helping with the word search game.

Below is a picture of the host family. He has been a member about a month and his wife is being taught.
At the end of the activity I asked if they had any questions or concerns about what we had talked about. One of the women said "We have a problem with budgeting in our culture." I wondered what she meant by that. She went on to explain that they can have their food storage and the food budget for the family but then someone knocks on their door who is hungry and needs a place to live and they take them in. Usually the person does not have the funds to contribute towards the food. The woman asked "What do we do then?" I turned it to the group and asked "What DO you do?" It was decided that if we are careful with our means we are better prepared to care for others which is what the Lord would have us do.
I have added below some more pictures of our U-nite:

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