Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shopping -gfh

I hesitated to do this post but here it goes.........There's some great shopping here in South Africa!

About every other month Sister Poulsen, the mission president's wife, arranges a girls day out and we all go shopping! It doesn't matter if one NEEDs to buy something one NEEDs to go shopping! Elder H and I love the saying "Somethings are NEED to have, somethings are NICE to have and somethings are NUTS to have." Well, it seems like one NEEDS to go shopping ever so often. It helps keep one from going NUTS here in the office even if one doesn't find something NICE to have.

Hope you enjoy the few pictures of our outtings:Sister Poulsen and I ended up wearing the same skirt one day when we went shopping together. We didn't know that we had both previously bought the same skirt. After that I was careful not to wear the skirt if I knew she would be at the activity or meeting.This is a shopping trip to Cinda's in July 2010, one of our favorite places.Sister Christensen, the MTC President's wife is on the left. Sister Koelliker, the Africa South East Area President's wife is next. Then Sister Stonehocker one of our senior sisters. All selecting their favorite South Africa bead necklaces and braclets from Bret's.Sister Stonehocker tried on a bridal headdress but decided it wasn't her. This is at Sela's warehouse.

Sela is an African Dealer who travels all over Africa gathering "treasures". He is a wholesale supplier for African markets and shops. Several years ago the Area President's wife at that time came in contact with him and he has been selling to the senior sisters by appointment ever since. It is a real treat because we have found some of his things in other shops for 4 or 5 times the price he charges us. He is only at his warehouse in Jo'burg twice a year. I'll have one for chance to shop before going home. I always seem to find a "NEED" to have at Sela's.

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