Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making Progress - gfh

We're making progress! Rusty's sweater is finished(actually two weeks ago and he wore it on our Thanksgiving trip to AZ. We're both pleased with how it turned out. Neither one of us will be embarrassed when he wears it. :-)
And even more exciting is that Rusty's FBI clearance was here when we got back from our Thanksgiving week but pas mine! Rusty called to check the status of mine and was told it was completed but they couldn't say when it would be mailed. Of course we're assuming that I "passed", that is if enough of my prints were readable. So we're still waiting for the second shoe to drop so we can lace them up!


  1. R U going to need that sweater in South Africa? Isn't the climate there fairly warm? It does look nice however.

  2. yes, it's on his clothing list. They have a winter with no central heating. We'll need some cozy clothes.