Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catching up. . . .rh

In the past three weeks, we have heard from two general authorities. Elder Marlin K Jensen was in town for some kind of assignment and President Poulsen somehow got him to come speak to our mission at a morning fireside. The president asked that all missionaries within a one hour drive come to this particular chapel and hear him. That included about 65% of our missionaries and so there was a good group. The GPS says that it should take 25 minutes for us to get there, but it took about 1 ½ hours in morning traffic. Next time there is a meeting there, I found a shortcut and I bet that we can beat the time driving to the freeway. Well, back to Elder Jensen – first, his wife spoke to us. She hit on two very important points. First, we’ve all heard that “without the Spirit, ye shall not teach.” She went further and said that without the Spirit, we do not have the sanction of God. Makes it sound pretty important to be listening for and following the promptings of the Spirit. Secondly, she pointed out that each of us needs to decide who we are. I thought about that for a long time and wondered if I have learned who I really am yet. Still working on that one.

Then Elder Jensen talked about mission culture – and each mission is unique. He said the culture consists of four elements – leadership, skill levels, worthiness and work. Under skill levels, he said something very important – just having faith doesn’t do the job, we need competence. Zowee! Practicing the lessons and becoming competent is just as important as having the Spirit and exhibiting faith. In the area of work, he said we must be “on task.” He finished up by talking about the various levels of faith. I will give scriptural references and levels that he used and you can figure out where you are on the continuum. Alma 32 – particle of faith. Mosiah 27:14 – much faith. Mosiah 4:3 – exceeding faith. Moroni 10:11 – exceedingly great faith. And finally, D&C 93:1 – knowledge. It was a great morning. I was uplifted and felt the Spirit in that meeting.

Last Sunday evening (March 14), we went to a YSA broadcast. Why were we going to a Young Single Adult activity? Well, our branch president decided we do not have enough to do and assigned us to be the advisors to YSA in our branch. Elder Ronald Rasband spoke – mainly about friends in our lives and how we should be careful in choosing those friends. He spent a good deal of time talking about a friend and mentor in his life and urged all to learn from others and especially to mentor others both in the gospel and in the world. Good counsel! I have learned from many teachers and church leaders throughout my life. I hope that I have been helpful to others that I have worked with through the years.

We will be working hard this week – it is transfers this Wednesday. We expect to be very busy all week getting ready for, taking care of and following up on the things that happen on Wednesday.


  1. Is your calling because you're so young at heart?

  2. Sounds like an exciting time our there in South Africa. Thanks for sharing the meat of the talks from Elder and Sister Jensen. We are gearing up for our new temple open house in the Gila Valley. The temple looks great but to us it seems small. Probably around 17K square feet. Small temple but large blessings for those 9 stakes in the temple district. Keep up the good work.
    Love, Larry & Maurie

  3. It's great to get the GA's to come and boost the spirits and the messages sounded just right for any mission. We're still here in Provo but anticipating this week to learn more about the direction we are going. Hope you had a great birthday week! Patti and Rog

  4. Hope your birthday was wonderful! Spent a week in AZ with my kids - went to Grand Canyon on the grandkids' Spring Break. Wonderful. Have TWO new grandbabies coming this year - my oldest and youngest daughters are expecting about two months apart. Am always trying to imagine what life is bringing to you and the joy you are bringing to others. You two are my heroes!

  5. Thanks for the details about the talks in the morning side. I think that I got a good idea for my next zone conference talk. We will only have two more zone conferences before the mission is divided. I love the message about teaching with the spirit and yet with competence. Sounds like you had a good experience.