Saturday, March 13, 2010

Got Bikes? -gfh

You are probably wondering if we’re doing any bike riding while here in ZA. We see bike riders out on the road probably every day. Some riders use the bike for daily transportation but others are out for the exercise and the fun of it! However, I do wonder how fun it can be riding through this crazy traffic in the Jo’burg area. There are no bike lanes and actually no shoulders. There are not only cyclists but very often pedestrians who are walking along the edge of the traffic. Sometimes at night we barely miss them as they come out of nowhere. On Saturdays we see groups of road cyclist in their bright jerseys and matching spandex shorts looking very fit and stylish. They must be out on a club ride. Sometimes they “take the lane” but are usually just braving it along side.
You know that Rusty and I feel very confident riding in traffic BUT NOT THIS TRAFFIC. We are pretty road savvy, ride defensively and have maneuvered our way through traffic congestion in San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Madison Wisconsin, etc but we’re sure we’re not ready yet to ride our bikes on the, I hate to say it, “wrong side” of the road in Johannesburg South Africa. So far the only bike we have to ride is a Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike in our flat that belongs to the Mission. I ride it every morning. I look out the window and watch the sun rise over the hills in the distance and am grateful for the new day. But the chance of riding the roads here and feeling the South African wind in our faces is pretty slim. Need some bikes but mostly need the courage. Remember Africa is not for sissies


  1. I don't think it takes courage to ride in that traffic, more like...Stupidity! Glad you're using your smarts. Maybe you'll go somwhere more rural the last half of your mission and will be able to ride again. LOVE YOU!

  2. I don't know about S. Africa but in the Congo bikes are not for fun. They are transportation for people and their belongings. We love it when we see a person with a goat or a pig strapped on the back of a bike on it's way to market or a load of lumber on a bike. One day we saw a big recliner on a bike. Next time you have to move something, try a bike. Love to hear about your experiences.

  3. The roads there are probably better than Armenia, but the potholes would be another hindrance. Love to hear about what you are up to...and by the way, I think this is your birthday week, isn't it or just the older girls. I forget...but have a great week.