Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Scarey Thing .....gfh

A new couple arrived Saturday from Burley Idaho to serve in our mission. They had a couple of days of orientation, getting set up with a GPS, cell phone and practicing driving on the left side. Tuesday,yesterday, the brother was experiencing severe pain with breathing and our office medical person thought it might be pleurisy and sent him to the ER to get checked out. The doctor there first diagnosed it as such and sent him home but called back later that they had found a problem with his blood work and needed him to come back for further tests. It was discovered that he has "multiple blood clots in the lungs" believed to have been caused by the fifteen hour flight and the fact that he didn't get up and walk around or drink water. Ahem!
Well, he is now in the ICU for three or four days and then another three or four in the hospital. Mercy! This is very scary for both the Elder and Sister (and all of us). Imagine this happening right after arriving in a foreign country...and one that is so far far away from Burley and family! And no visiting teachers or Relief Society president. We office sisters will be taking turns keeping her company at the hospital. We're her family here. We're praying all goes well and they can continue to serve with us here in South Africa.


  1. I just sent Wayne back the States on that same flight. My dad always warns us of that, but you forget how REAL it can be. Wish I would have reminded him before he left!

  2. I think that good health is what we all pray for most. We will pray for your senior elder here in the Congo too. We had three elders in the hospital all week. It convinced me that we need to stay well most of all.

  3. Very scary!!! It's calming to know that there are millions praying for the missionaries, not just to find those ready to hear the gospel but to keep them safe and well!