Monday, June 28, 2010

Are We Crazy? -gfh

If you have been following our blog you have read our feelings about serving in the office. I started out certain I could not do this! Then after taking some deep breaths and asking for a blessing I realized that with the Lord's help, I could. Rusty and I flucuated between total stress and insantity for several months. I found myself actually counting the months or weeks we've been in this assignment and then calculating out how many more months we'd possibly have left since when the President asked us to work in the office he said it would probably be for only half our mission.
About two weeks ago I started getting feelings that this is where we are to serve. Finally one morning I said to Elder H: "Sweetie, What would you think if we told the President we'd stay in the office our entire mission?" He replied "I think we should". We were both surprised at the feelings of the other because we knew how difficult this assignment has been.
So last Friday we asked to speak to the President. We told him if he needed us to, we would be glad to stay. He said "Are you sure?" Elder Henrichsen said to him "Do you mean 'Are you crazy?' ".
We feel so good about our decision. Besides coming to the realization that we actually CAN DO this job, we feel so blessed to work with the missionaries coming in and out of the office. And it is such a blessing to work so closely with President and Sister Poulsen. Besides, Sister Poulsen knows all the great places to shop!

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  1. I think it's great! Isn't it amazing how the Spirit lets us know things we never would have imagined, but then we are so blessed.