Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amazing day in the temple ... rh

We had the most amazing day in the temple this past week. First, it was a real adventure getting there as we drove across town in a driving rainstorm. Because of the rain, traffic was light, but visibility and dodging large puddles that could hide giant potholes made life a bit tense.

We finally arrived. The first person I met after the recommend desk was a Sister Fox. The reason I knew her name is that she had on a missionary name tag. I assumed she was from Durban or Capetown mission, or maybe even Zimbabwe. I was way wrong – she and her husband were from the Kenya mission and had brought 17 people with them to be endowed and sealed as families. I told her that I was very impressed and that we were working on getting five folks from our branch to the temple soon.

I got ready for the next session and went to wait in the chapel. When it came time to go to the ordinance room, I noticed Elder and Sister Fox and what I guessed were the adults from the group they had come from Kenya with. It turned out that there were four couples from their group in that session. All of them had been endowed and sealed the day before and were back to be proxies for some of their relatives that had passed away. As I sat in the session and later on in the Celestial room, I marveled that I had been part of this experience.

Four things came to mind:
1. How wonderful it is that these folks had been able to take advantage of the temple and receive the crowning ordinances of the gospel.
2. What a great sacrifice they had made to be there – both time and money.
3. That the gospel light in Africa is a bit brighter now
4. The leadership these members can provide in their branches back in Kenya.

On another, but just as exciting note, President Poulsen told us yesterday that our missionaries in the Northeast zone are teaching an entire congregation. It is only about 30 souls, but the pastor has already been converted and he told his people to listen to the missionaries. There is no branch or even a group nearby, but maybe this will be the nucleus of a new group out in the bush of South Africa.

I am thankful to be in a place where the church is exploding and see things such as this. I am thankful to have been entrusted with the duties that I have so that I may be of assistance to the missionaries of our mission and to President and Sister Poulsen. I am thankful that God is smiling on Africa and leading our missionaries to those that are ready to listen and change their lives.

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  1. I don't know if you saw my comment on your face book, but the Foxes are our friends from Kisumu who went to the Masi Mara with us. We've been following their preparation this day on their blog for a long time. We had wished so much that we could have been with them. Having you there was pretty close. What a great day!!!