Saturday, January 29, 2011

"It Feels Good In Here" -gfh

Friday a small group of elders came in to the office to do a little “shopping” and check their mail. We’re a very popular place for that. After they’d been there a while one of the elders said in a very pleasant and quiet way “it feels good in here”. Sister Watts and I looked at each other and smiled. I said to the elder, “that is what we pray for every morning. That it will feel good in here when you come”. Each morning we have a devotional to start the day. We take turns presenting a scripture and spiritual thought and offering a prayer for the day. That prayer usually always includes a request that there will be a spirit of love and peace in the office for all those who come and we dedicate ourselves to the Lord and his work that day. This was a sweet way of confirming to us that indeed this was happening.
As I have served in the office this past year, I’ve had my testimony strengthened that “all things are spiritual unto the Lord”(Doc & Cov 29) I sometimes feel uncomfortable blogging because so much of what I write is about the out of the office activities because the office is so “daily”. We pretty much do the same things in a six week cycle and it can seem pretty much just like office work. Not much to blog about there.
But I do know that this work is important…this letter writing, phoning, filing, visa applying and reapplying, getting passports copied, answering the phones, assigning out referrals, helping the elders with their requests, assisting the president and his wife in any way we can. This all is part of the work of The Kingdom and we are so grateful to be a small part of it. And I am glad that when the elders come to the office they can say “It feels good in here “.

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  1. Always enjoy your blog posts. Keep them coming!