Monday, January 17, 2011

Once a Dental Hygienist always... -gfh

One of our elders reported to Sister Watts, who is in charge of medical, that his jaw was sore and he wanted to go to the dentist. My ears perked up and after he left I asked Sister Watts about it. He said he was having trouble with a wisdom tooth and that his gums were really sore. Thinking it might be a tissue flap with debris under it, I told her I'd like to take a look. She brought him back in, I donned the latex gloves, found a tooth pick and did an easy debridement. Recommended gentle brushing and swishing with H2O2 and all should be well. It was fun "putting on the gloves again". Sometimes I wish I could really get my hands into it more BUT that's not my call. Anyway, it was fun helping in a dental way.

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  1. Nice work mom! Way to take care of those Elders and their teeth :)