Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not A Hero -gfh

So, this is Saturday morning and I'm sick! I was going to be the office hero...the only one not to get sick. But alas, it was not to be. Two weeks ago one of the senior elders was in the office when he was sick. Shortly everyone else took their turn. Rusty was sick last week and we didn't go out to our branch. I stayed home with him because it's too far for me to travel alone..even tho I am independent and capable. President doesn't like it and I am obedient. It looks like I'll be home again tomorrow.
Last night we were "investigators" for the teaching experience in the SAF MTC. We love doing that. However, I had told them earlier in the week not to plan on us because Elder H wasn't feeling well. But the other office couple was planning to go. So Friday morning at devotional the other couple is sick so Elder H, who is now feeling fine, and I volunteer to take their place. Now we hope the germ circle does not continuue in the MTC.
Rusty is hovering. He wants to pamper and take care of me. He won't let me do that when he is sick. I told him this morning that he's just been waiting for me to get sick so he could take care of me. He says "not so". (but it is very nice to be pampered.)
Well, that's the saga of the old sick people. ...

Botswana visas are coming along. Four of our sister missionaries were going to be "kicked out" because they hadn't received their residence visas. But with a new lady in the "power position" they were told to stay and it would be worked out. The sad thing would have been that Botswana is the only place where they can serve in the South Africa mission. First Presidency has directed this because it is the safest place for them..."a kinder gentler nation". So now they can complete their mission. Also, did I tell you that all the stress over getting papers, and requirements together for Botswana residence visas for our other missionaries so President would have a "pool" to draw from for Transfers...that has all been placed on hold. This is a great burden lifted from my shoulders. All the time I'm doing this I'm thinking " why are we flooding the Bots immigration with visa requests when churches are under investigation. Doesn't this raise a red flag?" So I got a call from the Visa Czar in Area Office and he said to suspend all applications BECAUSE it was making the Bots government nervous. Ahhhhhhh, now my office stress is very manageable. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe he was just testing me to see my level of commitment and obedience. I hope I passed. But the Botswana investigation is due to be completed the end of March, which is very soon. We shall see. Don't stop praying yet.
We have our flight itinerary already...actually cause I'm the one who does that. We're stopping over in London for three days and will be home, PDX, 15 July. Sounds like I'm trunky but very definitely not. I do need to see family, and new grandbabies and have some walks on the beach, but there is so much still to do here. I'm editing the office secretary handbook. There have been a great deal of changes since the last update and especially during my time. Funny thing is that I understand the book more now after 15 months than when I first got here and was desperately looking for direction. So my update may not help the new secretary much. We thought our replacements were the couple arriving 11 June which would give us good time to train. It turns out they will be replacing the other couple who do not go home until 1 August and our replacement couple will be here just a week before we leave. Well, that's probably a good thing. Too much time to train can be overwhelming for all concerned. Better to give basic training, hand her the new office manual and wish her well. The work goes forth! It's kind of like drawing the hand out of wet sand...eventually they will say, remember so and so? What was their names anyway! I have put together a folder for each couple with bios and contact details of each they have served with. We had something similar in DC and it has proved to be a treasure! Each couple does their own bio and gets it to me. I add their picture, print it off and distribute out at transfer time. The one in DC was called The Trumpet. Ours is called “The Shield”. There is a line in our mission song that is in Zulu and it means "Faith is our shield". Thought that would work.
New mission president, President Omer and Sister Omer arriving 28 June. We'll have about two weeks with them. Hope that will be helpful to them. We know it will be a blessing for us to serve with them even a brief time.


  1. Loved reading your blog. You'll be home about the time we are due to arrive in Oregon for a family reunion at Sun River. We're hoping to see you!

  2. Love hearing of your adventures in faith. Tom and I will moved by the time you get to Oregon...:C We are moving to the St. George area in May. My mom is in an assisted living facilty now, we have sold her home and on to our next stop in our gypsy-like path. I'm hoping for roots, but I don't question the Lord.