Thursday, March 17, 2011

When ye are in the service..... -gfh

Last Saturday we had a YSA service project of cleaning up the litter around the branch neighborhood. The church grounds are very well cared for and there is a high fence around the property but the surrounding area can be a real eye sore.

The Ennerdale Litter Patrol: Pride, Ntokozo, Brassington and Admire(Elder H was off getting some goodies and Molefe was still out on "patrol")

Of course there were refreshments! I served "Sloppy Joes" which they had never had or heard of before! The guys came to understand why they were call that! The next day at church Ntkozo told me he couldn't get sloppy joe spots out of his shirt but then he asked "When can we have sloppy joes again?"

The missionaries were having a meeting at the branch and joined us...of course!

Molefe, the independant member of The Litter Patrol, joined the group for the food

The activity was great fun! We accomplished a good service not only for the branch but for the surrounding neighbors. This activity had been planned for some time but it turned out to be the day before our Branch Conference with all the stake people visiting! Ennerdale Branch was all "Spiffy" for the occasion!


  1. That is great! I bet your sloppy joes were super yummy!

  2. Georgia, I like your project; are there any girls that would do it? I used to think around the branch spiffing would be great, but they seemed to not want to be seen doing such a thing. Pride!Sloppy joes sounds like a treat from home!