Monday, May 9, 2011

Knit one Purl Two -gfh

This is Alecia and Robin. Two nine year olds who hang around and wait for their moms while they are in Institute class after the block. Elder H and I wait around too because we transport one of the families and he also has branch clerk stuff to do. I very often bring my knitting and they have been fascinated and have been hanging around very close. Two weeks ago I asked them if they would like to learn to knit. They are so polite and shy but I got the message: YES! So the next week I came with yarn of their favorite color and started knitting lessons.

They learned to do the garter stitch and were sent home to practice. This is a picture of their return project. Yesterday, they wanted to learn to cast on and wanted to start a real project. I told them we'd have to take out all of the knitting they had previously done and start over. They were positive! So we unraveled and reballed and I taught them to cast on and away they went. Alecia asked if I would teach them to knit a cap to go with the scarf. I think they'll have to hurry because we only have eight more Sundays together. It makes me wish I had started these little knitting sessions earlier.

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