Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trunky Duty -gfh

President Poulsen usually takes missionaries to the airport for their flight home. However this week he has been traveling doing Zone Conferences and needed some help with transport. We drew the lucky staw and got special airport "Trunky Duty"!
Missionaries usually go home in a large group at Transfer/Departures every six weeks. However, this time we had three missionaries whose visas expired before the Departure date. (President made the decision a few transfers back that we would not go to the expense, time and stress of renewing visas that would expire one or two weeks before the missionaries original departure date. sign. This has helped lighten my worry load" a lot!)
Yesterday Elder H and I delivered Elder Sande Sande (yes, first and last name are the same) to catch his return home fight to Zimbabwe. As we waved our final goodbyes we turned away with tears in our eyes. Elder H said "How does President Poulsen do this all the time?"
(and RATS! This is one of the few times that I didn't have my camera!)

Elder Sande's flight was at a very respectable time in the middle of the day but today's trip to the airport meant getting up at 4:00AM. By the way, the stars are brilliant at that time of the morning in ZA.
Elder Musembi and Elder Odundo from Kenya had a flight out at 9:40AM so we had to calculate and include plenty of time for travel and "two flat tires". Elder Musembi met us at the office at 5:45 and an early morning volleyball team was there as well. Elder Musembi is in the middle with the ward missionary who will serve until Transfers on his right. (Br. Welcome who has submitted his papers)and next to Br. Welcome is Elder Musemi's soon to be ex companion, Elder McNally from Scotland. And the rest of The Boyz! (shhh, I don't call them that to their faces)We met Elder Odundo at the airport. He had been there for an hour, was all checked in and waiting for us. It's allowed to use the "T" word at the airport.Elder Cannon and Brother Holmes, who is Elder Cannon's companion until Transfers next week (and who has his mission call to Durban Mission) joined in for final goodbye hugs.
Elder Odundo's carry-on was overweight. The attendant told him to take some things out but when I acted so surprised and sorry for Elder Odundo (sincerely) the attendant decided to never mind. I told him I needed to get a picture of such a nice man.Final Good Byes and off to their next mission! I hope we get "trunky duty" again!

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