Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flight plan -rh

Today, we received our tickets to fly from Eugene to Salt Lake on January 7. Things are falling into place. However, we now have a new complication/blessing - a renter has fallen into our lives so we have to do a lot of clearing out of our stuff and taking care of legal and other problems.

This is not a random happening - there is a reason for all things. This lady needs a place to stay and we could sure use the money. I received an answer to the renting thing from a book I've been reading. The author, Michael Wilcox, had a little section in the book called, "Keep the back door open." He explains that we receive gifts from Heavenly Father in our front door. We sort through them and pick out those things we need most. Now since He always gives us more than we can possibly use, instead of hoarding the excess, we should pass these gifts on to others - out the back door. This is a "paying it forward" kind of thing.

Anyhow, this is a good thing and we will make it happen.

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