Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mission "Farewell" -gfh

Sunday we gave our "Farewell" talks in sacrament meeting. The program was very nice with three granddaughters doing a string trio: Elle Magnusson & Alexandra Morgan playing violas and Rebekah Morgan playing violin. They played "I am a Child of God" accompanied by Chris Kramer, the choir director of our branch. The number was beautiful and especially dear to me because that song is the tune for our Fish Family Forever song and the family sang it for the farewell sacrament meeting for Don and I almost ten years ago. The music was so sweet I'm sure there were angels playing with them. And as an unplanned extra bonus two of my handsome grandsons Tanner and Harris Morgan passed the sacrament. A proud moment for a grandma. They are both so tall and handsome and made an impressive sight performing their priesthood duty with reverence and respect.
I feel our talks went well. Rusty and I both spoke using our scripture we have chosen for our missionary plaque: 2 Nephi 25:25 "...and we speak of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, we write of Christ that our children may know to what source they may turn for a remission of their sins." I used the theme of Heroes and Rusty spoke of miracles.
The entire Morgan family came and Natalie and Elle represented the Magnussons. Our dear friends George and Nancy Nelson from Renton Washington with whom we served in Washington DC also made the trip. We all gathered at our house for a late lunch after the block meeting, played games and visited. It was very special having family and friends there. I wish we could have filled the house with all of the family. We know they support us and are thinking of us but many many miles come between us with other things being important as well.
Next Sunday we will be set apart as official missionaries by Pres Haslam of our Corvallis Stake. And then Thursday Jan 7 we fly out to SLC and will stay will AnneMarie's family for the weekend before we report to the MTC Monday Jan 11.
A special bonus will be that our grandson Aubrey Hatch goes into the MTC Jan 6 for his mission to Berlin! We hope to catch hugs from him in the halls occasionally while we're there.
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