Thursday, December 31, 2009

Packing -rh

I'm trying to pack and trying to remember what to pack but I've never gone away for two years before - well not exactly right, we went to Washington, DC for two years, but we had a whole car to fill up with stuff we needed. I didn't go on a mission as a young man, so no reference there. I've never gone more than two weeks on a vacation, so again, no reference. I did pack for a three month bike ride, but again a totally different kind of packing. We'll be in Provo for two weeks, so much of my stuff has to be available and then repacked - groan. Decisions, decision!

I guess this is one of the adventures of this whole thing. Really looking forward to this new service in a new place. Looking forward to learning the customs of South Africa, trying new foods and just being in a totally different environment.

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