Friday, June 18, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! -gfh

We are just not used to this kind of cold! Cold outside is one thing but cold inside is an entirely different story! "South Africa just is not set up for winter" is a quote from the director of the SAF MTC. He is a local South African and I asked him if he was comfortable in his home and he said "no, it is freezing". The temperature the other night was -3C which translate to very cold! I think our flat is colder inside than outside. We could see our breath yesterday INSIDE our flat! We have very hard floors with a thin carpet over concrete. I bought some slippers with foam soles to be more comfortable walking around the flat. BUT now not only are the floors hard but they are cold and it goes right through the slippers.

I am now sleeping with thermal underwear, my silk camping pjs, my flannel pj's,my fleece jacket, a stocking cap on my head and wool socks on my feet. Oh, and a sleep mask which keeps my face warm! AND during the day I wear a stocking cap and gloves along with my layers. I've been looking for a pair of those half gloves, you know with the fingers sticking out, that I could wear and still knit or play the keyboard. Our friend George suggested we get some.

I decided that Emily Post would approve of eating oatmeal with gloves on..if it's winter in South Africa!

Elder Henrichsen bought this hat at the lion park and wears it doing everything in the flat. I think it prevents "Brain Freeze".

Our office has central heating and I also have a little space heater under my desk to warm up my feet which takes considerable amount of time to accomplish after I arrive. In fact it is so cozy in the office that we hurry in the morning to get out of our flat and linger longer at the office in the evening. I am actually at the office right now at 6:30pm posting this entry because it's too cold to go home. We're told that July is the coldest month of winter. Oh goody!
Something that has been ever present in my thoughts though is the people who live in the townships in the shanty houses made out of metal sheets and poles. No running water, no toilets and not only no heat but a house that is even colder than my flat. I count my blessings and remember them in my prayers but how will they stay warm?


  1. BRRRR is right! I'd be drinking lots of hot cocoa! Good luck staying warm. The weather time frame is the same as Paraguay. We're hoping to actually see some summer in July, it hasn't shown up yet. Love you!

  2. Winter has come to Africa. It's not as cold here as in S. Africa( or so they tell me)but there are no heaters of any kind, so it feels cold. I have been wearing my sweater all day every day. Who cares if we match. We desert rats need warmth.