Friday, June 18, 2010

Vuvuzelas! -gfh

If you've been watching the World Cup games, the sound you hear that resembles the attack of millions of mad hornets is 'millions' of vuvuzelas, a long plastic horn that is part of South Africa soccer tradition!This tradition has been known to actually cause temporary deafness in fans. We attended the Roodepoort ward Opening Ceremonies festivities a week ago and got our real introduction to how fun and noisy they are. The Bafana Bafana (that means "boys boys" in Zulu) game was shown on the large movie screen in the cultural hall with boerewors (which is South African sausages that Elder Henrichsen loves!)being grilled on the braai(bar-b-que). After making an appearance and getting the feel for the fervor we slipped away to the CES building next door and watched the game with our mature missionary peers.

This is Dudley, our computer geek from the Area Office, getting into the spirit of things!

Boerewors hot off the grill!

PS: I forgot to mention that all the South African school children are out of school for the whole month of the games! This is a really big deal!

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  1. Those ARE annoying things. We are enjoying watching the World Cup knowing it's right where you are! Great pictures!