Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Day! -gfh

One of my jobs as mission secretary is to take care of referrals that come in. This week I received this referral:
" Angus & Jane, Mzuzu, Northern Region Malawi, husband and wife, lost their one week old daughter about a month ago. Want to be baptized so they can go to the temple and be sealed as a family."

I emailed this referral to the Zimbabwe Harare Mission and this was the reply:

" We do not have missionaries in that area. We go no further north than Lilongwe. Mzuzu is another 8 hours north. It is about 13 hours north of us, the couple missionaries in Blantyre. Someday we will go that far North. If we were to baptize them living in Mzuzu, they would have nowhere to go to church and no support and would be less active...."

As I read this reply tears came to my eyes. There are so many who desire to hear of the Gospel and receive its saving ordinances and eternal blessings who cannot be reached as of yet. But some day!


  1. Thank goodness for a loving Heavenly Father who knows our hearts' desires!!!

  2. We face this weekly. It's so distressing. We have a few hundred potential or even baptized members in our area that can't be part of the kingdom without moving. I remember back to my ancestors who moved to Kirtland and Missouri to be with the church. I think it was easier for them than for the Africans. It's one of the most challenging things we face. We too have shed many tears for them.