Monday, September 27, 2010

More Frosting On The Cake! -gfh

Saturday we were off to Ennerdale to do some home teaching. We only had one appointment and it's a forty minute drive each way but we knew that the sister needed our visit.
As we visited in her home she shared her concerns. She is a single woman in her middle forties who has a twelve year old son and "the old man" (that's what she affectionately calls her father)who is frail and in his eighties. She has needed to earn some money and accepted a job which has taken her out of the home from Sunday afternoons till Friday nights leaving her 12 year old son and 80 year old father to care for themselves all week. She deeply feels her responsibilities as the mother of the home but she is also the only means for income. There were tears and a very sweet prayer. We know she receives strength from our visits.
We then took our chances and went to visit a very less active family who hadn't returned our calls. The older daughter and son were home but the parents were not. She is one of our YSA's. We chatted and then she gave us an invitation to her 21st birthday party in two weeks. That was such a good sign that she would want us to attend. So that was a very positive visit.
THEN....we had one more family to visit who is also less active and very hard to connect with and hadn't replied to our messages. She is also one of our YSA's, a single mother of two girls who lives with her brother. We had gotten conflicting word on the brother. Some say he is a member some say he isn't. Well, she wasn't home but he was. Our knock actually awakened him at 3:00PM. (he had gotten home about 2:00 from his night shift.)We visited at the door briefly AND THEN HE INVITED US IN!! Elder Henrichsen asked the perfect questions and we had a wonderful visit.
Our home teaching day turned out to be awesome! The Spirit definitely directed us in our calling.
Now what about Sunday? Well, we arrived at Ennerdale in time for our meeting and the President asked us if we would go pick up Chantelle....the sister who wasn't at home but her brother was! She wanted a ride to church. We turned right around and drove the 20 minutes to pick her up. She had just returned from her night shift but wanted to attend church. We were so delighted to pick her up even tho we were "late" for sacrament. She attended my YSA class and nodded off occasionally. Before saying goodbye I gave her a big hug and told her how much I admired her decision to attend church even though it was very difficult for her. She had made the right decision and I am sure she knew it also.
My YSA class was filled to the brim! If things keep going like this we will out grow our little classroom. The problem is there isn't a bigger room for us to use! We have wonderful gospel discussions in the class with some seasoned members and many only a year or newer in The Gospel. The Spirit testifies and we all learn together. Right now we are working earnestly with an eye single to attending a temple baptismal day in December. There will be some growth and changes necessary for some but we are praying for everyone to be there!
So if you were to ask us how our weekend was....We would say FANTASTIC!! Our work in Ennerdale branch is "More Frosting on the Cake"!

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