Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Water Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink"-gfh

Monday the water was off in our area! Things got a little tense at the office as we strategically planned our day around no toilets, or hand washing. Luckily we have bottled water supplied so thirst wasn't a problem but drinking was limited to avoid other problems. When we returned home that evening we realized that the water was out there as well and we were not prepared for this and needed to get some water stored. This is the first time this has happened in our area but we've heard of this problem with other missionary flats.
We made it through the night hoping the water would be back on by morning. Didn't happen. We "faked" it as we got ready for the office with Elder H feeling really bad about not being able to shave. :-) The good news was the water was on at the office when we arrived and while out running a few errands we stopped by the flat and checked if we had water yet. YES! All was well.....until......

We opened the door to our flat at 5:30PM and were greeted by the sound of gushing water and inches and inches of water everywhere!! Yes, I had remembered to turn off the faucet I had checked earlier in the day BUT one of the other faucets had been left on from earlier. And to help create the disaster a wash cloth that had been in the sink was sucked into the drain and plugged up the drain so the water was gushing out of the faucet and slashing onto the floor.

Three hours of literally bailing water until it got down to the "soaking up & wringing out towels" stage we collapsed into bed feeling very old and achy but also very grateful it was not during our freezing winter weather or not muddy and yucky like some have experienced with real honest to goodness flooding. We are also grateful for our hard cement floors with very thin carpet and no padding! (something we have been known to complain about before). Now we will keep windows open and fans going until things dry out.
(No pictures were taken of Elder H because his casual clothes were left on the floor and thus were sopping wet. He did his bailing in his skivvies.)

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