Monday, September 20, 2010

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire! -gfh

There is a YSA dance coming up in October. The dress is formal and the emphasis is on ballroom dancing! Our Ennerdale YSA's wanted to learn to ballroom dance so Elder Henrichsen and I jumped at the chance. We started with the Waltz and then ended with a little foxtrot swing demo. We wowed them! Of course that wasn't too difficult since they had no idea how it really should be done.

Ntkozo was cleaning up and got caught practicing with a broom!

The future Fred Astaires and Ginger Rogers are Winnie, Kwanela, Tsepho, Thandeni, Ntkozo, Kotgso, and Pride


  1. WONDERFUL! Love never know when and what talents will be called on. Do you get to attend the YSA dance?

  2. Yes! We are really excited to attend the dance.