Saturday, September 25, 2010

Payday -rh

Every so often things happen that warm our hearts. A few weeks ago, we had two consecutive days where we were paid by the missionaries. The first day, there had been a funeral at the adjoining chapel. Two of the missionaries attended because of a teaching situation they were in with the family involved. At the luncheon following the funeral, they were given some of the leftover food (because they are missionaries). Instead of rushing back to their flat with the goodies, they came and shared with the office staff. Since I know how important a full belly is to missionaries I was very impressed AND touched that they would share with us.
The next morning, two other missionaries brought in some cupcakes they had personally made. They were big, tall, yummy cupcakes. But wait, that’s not all. They also brought Elder Watts and me each a tie. They hadn’t gone out and bought us ties – they had come in a package from home, but it was great to know that they were showing their love for us. We made these ties official memorabilia by having the missionaries sign and date them.
At the next transfer day one of the Elders in his short testimony/advice for younger missionaries talk, extolled the virtues of the office couples and went on (probably a little too long) about how hard we work and what a great job we do for the Elders and Sisters out in the trenches. It doesn’t get much better than this.
These experiences put a smile on my face for several days. They were real “paydays” for us.

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