Monday, October 26, 2009


One of the things on our “important to do” list is to get fingerprinted for an FBI clearance before our visas can be issued for our mission to South Africa. Our coastal area Sheriff’s office does fingerprinting only on certain days at certain times. We arrived Wednesday Oct 21st on the morning of the first available day with our digits destined for fame! There was a feeling of International intrigue as we filled out all our forms, paid our money and passed our driver’s licenses and passports through a slot all while talking to the clerk behind a Plexiglas shield which was undoubtedly bullet proof. It was my turn first. I had envisioned messing ink-stained fingers but modern crime investigation technology has advanced beyond that. Now fingers are rolled on a computer screen, scanned and processed (or not) by the computer. In my case it was “or not”. With repeated efforts only 3 of my ten prints could be picked up by the computer. The clerk said that the FBI was very particular and she felt they would not accept that and suggested I treat my hands with “Corn Huskers” lotion and return in a week for a retry. Now this is starting to feel serious. What at first seemed routine was now becoming a concern. We went directly to Wal-mart to buy the recommended lotion and I have been slathering my finger tips with it several times daily. Who would have thought that finger prints would need to be a matter of prayer but they have become just that at our house. I will return Wednesday for a retry knowing that the Lord knows this is an important part of my mission preparation process.
Oh, Rusty’s prints? All but one was a perfect take. Of course. You don’t suppose he’ll go to South Africa without me, do you?

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