Saturday, October 31, 2009

....SO NOW WE WAIT -gfh

The follow up fingerprinting session went well! I returned for the second try Wednesday, Oct. 28Th. I have been faithfully slathering my finger tips with Corn Huskers lotion, drinking lots and lots of water and eliminated any antihistamines (just in case). And before we left home Rusty gave me a blessing.
The "slab prints" of all four fingers (on both hands) pressed down at once turned out great! Then each finger individually was rolled and scanned. (by the way, this is all done digitally) All but one of the prints went well! Two others were "questionable" but the clerk said to not worry about them. We sent the results off to the FBI with all of the other official information they needed. Hopefully the results will arrive in two weeks and then we will send off the other information for our visa. The anticipation didn't stop when we got our official letter from Salt Lake. It keeps building and building. It isn't uncommon to be reassigned to a different mission if fingerprints/visa do not go well. I'm feeling like it isn't officially official until we pass all the tests.
...So now we wait.

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