Monday, October 26, 2009

Preparation Meeting -gfh

Last Friday at temple preparation meeting before our temple shift the coordinator asked Rusty and me to stand and he announced our mission call to South Africa. The temple presidency counselor on the stand acted surprised and somewhat concerned. When he stood he announced the topic of the preparation meeting as "emergency preparedness" but spoke directly to Rusty and me as he make comments expressing concern about the safety of our mission. He introduced the Head of Temple Security to present the instruction for the meeting and before the security brother started his comments he said “Maybe we should change the subject of this meeting from Temple Security to “Henrichsen Security in South Africa”. I spoke up and said “we’ll be on the Lord’s errand”. The president's counselor, now sitting back down on the stand, said “Just keep saying that to yourself morning, noon and night …EVERY day you are there.”
I squeezed Rusty’s hand and we looked at each other. Gulp. I hadn’t felt one bit uneasy about our call until that moment. Why are others concerned for our safety? We're not!

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  1. South Africa is a long ways away and has a recent history thatz been in the news. I agree with you, you will be protected. The Lord's errand must be accomplished.
    Larry McKenzie