Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why Are We Doing This? -rh

Well, when we married, we promised each other that we would serve missions. That is plural. We have been doing things around our house and riding our bikes around the USA and so it is time to serve again. Service is the retirement plan in our church - we get some time for personal things and then go out into the world someplace to serve the Lord.

The name of the blog is adapted from the last (?) line in the movie - "Singles Ward". The young man received his mission call right at the end of the movie to the Idaho, Boise mission. His exclamation was "I'm goin' to Boise!"

I haven't done this since we came home from Washington DC, so forgive my errors. I'll try to be coherent and spell things correctly. I am inclined to use sentence fragments and dashes in sentences that probably should be separated. I also am inclined to use prepositional phrases at the beginning of sentences a bit too much.



  1. I can forgive your grammer blunders, mostly because I don't remember enough of the grammer I learned in school to know that you are making a mistake. Just don't start using text message abbreviations!

  2. DITTO, Susie!!! I'm so glad you guys are starting this blog...we'll be dedicated readers!