Saturday, October 17, 2009

Opening the envelope! -rh

This process began last spring when we started checking out the requirements for the missionary application. Things began in earnest in July when we returned from our Mississippi River bike ride. Doctors, dentists, shots, interviews, etc. as well as actually filling out the forms on-line. We thought all was done the last week in August, but we found out that my blood type was missing from the forms. That took about a week to resolve, but then after it was all submitted to church headquarters, there was something else missing that needed to be faxed in before things were complete. We got that done and then began waiting.

We had hoped that a call would come before we went to SLC for conference, but due to the delays it had not shown up in our mailbox. We spent a week with friends from our first mission after conference and expected that the call would be in the mail when we arrived home on Wednesday, October 14.

We drove into Waldport about 1 pm and headed staight for the post office to pick up mail before going home. I was going to be calm, but the fact is that the last miles were very nervous and the last few hundred yards were really unnerving. The top envelope on the stack was from Salt Lake - now the butterflies really started. I drove nervously home and Georgia set up the camera on 10 second delay so we could capture the moment for posterity and our own blog/journal. Here is the picture for all to see.

Georgia had been hoping to go to Africa - you can see the excitement on her face as we read South Africa Johannesburg Mission is our assignment for 18 months beginning on January 11, 2010.

The rest of the day was spent notifying family and friends of the news and trying to settle down. We celebrated by going to Grand Central - the local pizza joint (they really do have good pizza and garlic rolls that Georgia just loves.)

Life is good and it is time to serve again!


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  1. Zac wants to know who guessed the closest. And, are you taking him to dinner if he is the winner?