Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Started -rh

On Sunday, two of the speakers didn't show. The Branch President said as he introduced the single speaker that was actually there that he would call on some folks to bear their testimonies after Brother Ramrell finished.

Brother R gave a great talk telling us that the way to get the Spirit in our lives is to read and study the scriptures, remember to pray and serve others. Sounds like a great formula.

We didn't expect to be called on since we had spoken in Sac. Mtg. just about a month earlier and we were scheduled to speak in a fireside that evening. The President got up and I expected him to call on some of the folks that usually don't share with the rest of us, but he called on the "Henrichsens since they have received a mission call." Between the two of us we had about 15 minutes to fill, so we had plenty of time to express ourselves to the branch.

Guess we need to be ready to speak at a moment's notice from now on.


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